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Welcome to my website, I hope you enjoy looking through the pages and images

Janette George

Having gained a masters in Chemistry from Oxford University, my first job was as a graduate chemist at Courtaulds plc. I soon realised that this was not for me, and I needed to work in a more creative field. Luckily I was able to move internally to work within the marketing and business development department at Courtaulds.

It was during this time that I first gained the experience of working with colour and dyes as I was responsible for demonstrating to the high street retailers that we could produce the coloured yarns they needed for the next season.

My marketing career then developed as I moved on to be the PR & Marketing Manager at a trade body, then a large civil engineering company.

Following having a family, I took the decision to work on freelance basis where I gained some great experience working at Jellyhaus (www.jellyhaus.com) a graphic design agency. This agency enabled me to explore and develop my interest in interior design as we had some fantastic projects working on exhibitions such as BBC Good Homes and Interiors UK.

More recently I have provided both interior design and marketing consultancy to a number of local businesses.

Then we come to the art. I have always had in an interest in being creative but I only started attending art classes in 2011. This interest has flourished to the point where I am now happy to go public with my art!